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Nutcracker travels to Sergiev Posad and the Trinity-Sergius Monastery.

About the travel of our nutcracker and his friends to the town of Sergiev Posad and their visit to the Trinity- Sergius Lavra.

As an example, for our new website and photo section: `Nutcracker Travels` we post here a bit as an example about our nutcracker going to Sergiev Posad and the Trinity -Sergius Lavra. Here we can post your story and photos showing where your Nutcracker and his friends traveled, and its travel adventures.
The Nutcracker travels to Sergiev Posad
Travelling to Sergiev Posad by our Nutcracker and his friends into the town of Sergiev Posad and visiting the Trinity- Sergius Lavra brought a lot of joy and light of positive feelings and emotions to all participants. Somehow we grow up very quickly - did you notice it? Just yesterday, the belief in miracles was unconditional, and each of us knew that he lived once in a magical world where are fairies, where animals and birds are able to speak, where the enchanted princes and princesses enlightens our live and dreams, and where good always - always! - triumphs over evil... Well, where we adults now? How many of us have kept the faith, many people see the world in color, not monochrome, others having taken it - flat, dangerous, dull and uninteresting ? Do not you think that something had to be done?

We are confident that our heroes - The Nutcracker, Santa Claus, Rabbit, Snowman, Wolf - they are all alive. And just think like kids ! Kids tell amazing stories about how this or that character was or is their real friend, as they play together and talk, and share the secrets of their virtual friends, as support each other, and help out as they travel together through the reality of their live...

The travel of our nutcracker and his friends to the town of Sergiev Posad and their visit to the Trinity Sergius Lavra was the beginning of our new column after we got a letter written by a mother of a little girl which, asked Santa Claus for a Nutcracker as Christmas gift and she got our Nutcracker.
This girl, thank God, is not ready to live a rational adult and boring life now, she is still living in her childhoods dream world, and so she made ​​friends with the Nutcracker, who became her friend and protector. Together they travel to many cities where the girl takes part in various competitions and contests and what you think - always wins ! She is convinced that her Nutcracker friend is arraigning her winnings - so the Nutcracker became a real talisman, which gives her strength and support !

In general, the Nutcracker - an amazing creature ! Many people get hold of the Nutcracker turned it into a friend... We regularly get news from different parts of the world on travels of our Nutcracker and its friends. He never sits still and is constantly pulling its friends on some short or long trip. He likes everything - the Egyptian pyramids, and the bazaars, and the Eiffel Tower, and Valdayskie monasteries, and Athos cave... He loves to be photographed with a variety of exotic individuals - for example, a Bedouin on a camel in Tunisia or a beggar on the picturesque waterfront in Amsterdam. Recently, we decided it was time to organise the gallery, which will be attended by all his friends - both children and their parents, and Santa Claus and Snowman and Rabbit and all -all- all comers... We fully support him and look forward to the information on your travels with the Nutcracker and his friends ! The most interesting your stories and your photos with the image of the interesting moments of your children travel accompanied by a nutcracker we will be posted on the site, and they will be able to see all of its visitors.

Our toys... go to different cities. They become friends to very different children. They have different personalities, different backgrounds, different ages, and if the eight-year girl 's best friend is a loyal, steadfast and courageous Nutcracker, for the five year old boy just needs some good old Santa Claus story-teller who can perform miracles, who will listen and comfort him, close to the calm, warm and magical... Each child chooses their own, closest friend, and together they live an interesting and eventful life. And when there are such close friends it happens to them to experience different amazing stories that are sure good enough to be shared with other peoples, even adults, in our adult life we have not lost a pragmatic belief that miracles may do happen.

Dear friends ! We are looking forward to your stories and photos! Write about all the exciting adventures that have happened to you, your children and magical characters! About your adventures you may let know a lot of people, and maybe they will stop in their endless running, look at the world through different eyes and realize that our lives are much more interesting than we think !

Nutcracker and his friends travels to Sergiev Posad and the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius is just the beginning of new stories and new adventures. Here we will post your story and photos showing where our Nutcracker and his friends travel to cities and countries with you and your children. And never-mind if you got your Nutcracker, Angel, Santa Claus, or other wooden figurine directly from our online store, or via our plenty resellers, as long as it is one of our figurines, you may send us your stories, pictures or short movies and we will review it and most-properly post here. And let it be the story of your child, as it thinks it had happened, let this be the storyboard of any real travel of our figurines, let become a dream true, for your child, for you if you wish. Letting a dream becoming real is one of the most satisfying events in our human live!

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