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Traditional Russian gifts - handmade art souvenirs. Online shop for craft and gift ideas.

Art Studio Melnikovitch offers Russian Icons, wooden handmade Russian gifts and souvenirs, Tsar treasures, Nutcracker dolls, Christmas toys, and more.

Traditional Russian gifts, handmade art souvenirs, and more we do offer at our online shop. You find here handmade wooden Russian art (handmade gifts), based on Russian traditions (Dolls, Nutcracker's), and many other handmade Russian gifts and crafts. Our Russian gift online shop for handmade art and souvenirs offers Christmas handmade gifts, Eastern gift ideas, and gift and crafts for other family celebrations like anniversary gifts. (Outstanding designed originals, absolutely unique gifts and crafts).

Nutcracker: Tzar Treasures by Melnikovitch Santa Claus: TZAR Treasures by Melnikovitch More as 500 handmade gifts are presented in our online gift shop. Art Studio Melnikovitch (Online shop for gifts and craft) is located at the fertile land of Saint Sergius, thereabouts sixty kilometers from Moscow in direction to Yaroslavl, where since old times traditional folk arts and crafts are developed, Art-Studio "Melnikovitch" raised not accidentally to the leading Art Studio for handmade Russian gifts. Wooden toy and gift industry exist here since ancient times.
And here at our Sergiev Posad Internet Russian gifts Online shop you will find many authentic traditional Russian gift ideas — handmade Russian souvenirs. Our unique wooden gift collections offer plenty of gift and craft ideas, and whatever you may choose, it is warming the gift receiver like the morning sun, and that's why, do not hesitate to choose from our Russian Gift Shop of authentic traditional Russian gifts any handmade souvenirs, wooden toys, Matryoshka, stacking doll, tilting doll, Nutcracker, and any other Russian handmade artwork. We offer at our online shop real contemporary art. Our Russian Art online shop is open 24/7/365. Below you find our Artwork catalog, and you may read more about our history of Russian art making and our online shop at the end of this page!

Russian Tsar Treasures by Alexander Melnikovitch

Traditional Russian handmade Art Gifts

Santa Claus

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Tilting Doll

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Christmas decor

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Mushroom Gifts

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Boxes, Cases, Shtoffs

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Nutcracker travels

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More about Russian gifts for sale, handicrafts, its history, and development of Art-Studio Melnikovitch online shop.

Lead Artist Alexander MelnikovitchIn old days during "Trinity" royal children bought funny carriages, wooden horses, and birds. Court records indicate that in December 1721, princes and princess, children of Tsar Peter the Great (Peter I), "bought in Moscow different toys: three cows, two horses, two deer, four sheep, two pairs of swans, two cocks, one duck, with its three children, a town with soldiers.... " Those toys were sold in Moscow at workshops at the Armory (Kremlin), nu, mostly all originated from, and were made, at Sergiev Posad (Moscow region)...
With the help of our Lord, preserving our Russian blended traditions, especially our Russian folk art, in Sergiev Posad masters style, and as innovative students of traditional arts school, we, Alexander Melnikovitch, and Xenia Melnikovitch (Bolhovu), are your humble servant. We started to work together in 1986 when we made, and sold, the first handmade decorative art. It was a Russian Matryoshka doll in traditional Russian art style. Starting with simple variants, we developed our individual and unique style of decorative wooden arts. During the years we added to our multi-folding (staking) dolls, new variants, placed figures one into one another other figures and developed new gift ideas like Tilting tumbler Dolls (Roly Poly), supplies and cases, Icon paintings, Easter eggs, and more arts, and we extended our rich collection and variation of traditional Russian arts, crafts and gifts...
Nutcracker for cracking nuts In 1997, we started to develop new variants contemporary art like decorative painted wooden figurines type Santa Claus based on authentic traditional Russian art style. Santa Claus, or in pre-revolutionary understanding called also Saint Nicholas, Bishop Merlikiyskogo, or as Germans calls it Weihnachtsmann or Nikolaus. Our online shop presents gift collections based on Russian tradition of Russian folk artists, with our unique, exciting style, reflecting our heart, it brings boundless warmth, delights, and recovers remembering of your favorite characters of your famous fairy tales. All gift ideas and artwork presented in our collection are performed by hand, preserving high-level quality, which is issued like an exclusive diploma, and reflects all experiences we acquired in years of work, and creative research, to convey an exciting warmth of decorative folk art and gifts. One of the objectives of this Online shop site is also collecting the sincere wishes of art fans, and surely fans of our gift ideas. Your interest in our Russian arts helps us to extend our online shop, and to add great new, original and even more interesting variants of Russian wooden folk art, Russian handmade souvenirs (Gifts and crafts), and other authentic traditional Russian gifts. Handmade Russian souvenirs are our Business Cards.
Our Online shop of Russian wooden folk souvenirs is always glad to receive new visitors and also those that are just curious.

Golden Gragon Bottle holderIf you are in out of gift ideas which thank you gift to buy for any person of any age, who has everything and is not to surprise anymore, you know, you're not alone. There are millions of people every day asking themselves "What to give as gift? ". This question is not something like Hamlets "To Be or Not To Be"! It is simply to resolve! Every day is some-ones Wedding, Birthdays, Housewarming, Farewells, meetings, celebrations... And especially those calendar days marked with red numbers: Mother day, New Year's Eve, Christmas Day, Eastern, and so on ask for an unique gift idea. In general, sometimes you are in need to give something, and we can help you to get surprising and unforgettable gift ideas for any event. And our gifts presented in our Online shop artwork catalogs for handmade gifts do NOT fall in price over the years as a new car models after the release of the latest model, or the next supercomputer after the last edition (every six months you find newer computer models) caused by the technological revolution in Malaysia. Therefore our crafts and gifts are all time remarkable gifts, increasing its value when aging, and you can shopping online in our Online shop, here and now at our Russian gift shop and you will find for sure a gift that is all times remembered and many will say : Look what a beauty...


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