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Wooden fairy tale Nutcracker, based on the original story by E.T.A Hoffman

Nutcracker wooden handmade doll fairy tale hoffman schelkunchik art gifts iconographic

The Nutcracker, a wooden handmade doll - fairy tale by E. T. A Hoffman.

Nutcracker mounted on red Music boxThis handmade wooden "Nutcracker" doll or in Russian Schelkunchik (Щелкунчик), is the main character of the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the King of Mice" created by Ernest Theodore Amadé Hoffmann.
The Nutcracker’s original production was December 18, 1892, in Russia at St. Petersburg’s Maryinsky Theater and more than one hundred years later, the by Ernest Theodore Amadé Hoffmann inspired Nutcracker ballet still performs and dance by the music of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker at Christmas time around the world. The Nutcracker, is the main personage of the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and King of Mice " by E. T. A Hoffman. Below you may read more about our wooden Nutcracker (Shelkunchik).
Our wooden Nutcracker doll is our front runner of carving art figures! Each year endless clients are ordering this wooden Nutcracker doll as it is one of the most impressive carving artwork we offer for Christmas times. Our artists did surely create an impressive carving art with this fully functional wooden nutcracker. Never mind you want a excellent carving art work or an full functional wooden Nutcracker for your child, it will surely satisfy your needs!

Nutcracker (Schelkunchik), based on the original fairy tale by E.T.A Hoffman, 9.4 inches


Nutcracker, traditional figure

Order ID: 002_001 Dim.: 9.4 inches; Price: US$ 58.90

Nutcracker wooden handmade doll fairy tale hoffman schelkunchik art gifts iconographic

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Wooden Nutcracker a bit history and facts.

Giftbox with NutcrackerThe Nutcracker is surely one of the best known Christmas fairy tales since first played in 1892 at the Maryinsky Theater. The story from Ernest Theodore Amadé Hoffmann about "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" is adoring for more as 100 years now the hearts of children around the globe. And the dances to the music of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker at Christmas time is making almost any adult happy. A Christmas without nutcracker is almost not a real Christmas celebration. Having this in mind we created this wooden Nutcracker doll which is nowadays our most sold wooden toy art, and astonishing it sells around the year nicely, and not only in Christmas times! And be sure, its not only a toy! It is able to crack almost any nut, even almost also the hardest nuts. We are the creator of this Nutcracker doll (Shelkunchik), get the original from Art Studio Melnikovitch, and not be disappointed by any unauthorised copy when trying to crack a hard nut. And if you ever come in Christmas time to St Petersburg at Russia, you have to have to attend to the Nutcracker and the Mouse King performance at the Maryinsky Theater, you will remember it for all your lifetime like you will enjoy this wooden Nutcracker offered by Melnikovitch here for all your life too.

The Nutcracker story.

The Nutcracker is the story of a little girl named Clara (sometimes she is known as Mary too), who is given on Christmas Eve a wooden nutcracker doll as a Christmas gift. As Clara falls asleep she starts dreaming about her Nutcracker, mice, a king, soldiers, and other lovely fairies, and whereas finally her love for the Nutcracker brings him to life.

Our wooden Nutcracker (Schelkunchik) is a real original Russian souvenir toy, and serves not only in Russia, and Germany as a good example of fortitude and courage to many generations of children around the world. Wooden handmade nutcracker you cannot buy in many toy store for your children. Our selection of handmade wooden nutcracker toys being real able to crack even the hardest nuts, contains only copyrighted and exclusive designed wooden Nutcracker dolls. Our prices are very low as we trust, because we think that it should be affordable for any parents to buy for its children this traditional Christmas gift. We grant that each of our exclusive and copyrighted nutcracker dolls is fine carved and exquisite painted with all our love for children at our art studio at Sergiev Posad.

This handmade Nutcracker is unique, much more as only a toy! Our Nutcracker are real nut crackers as it cannot just flip the mouth, but real crack almost any filbert nuts, hazelnuts, peanut, almond and so on. This nutcracker figure shown on this page, per example has a mouth wide of 40 mm (thereabouts 1. 6 inches) when its mouth is open, and is ready to crack almost any nuts.


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