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Birch bark box - Lidded birch bark baskets

Lidded birch bark baskets, birch decor

Birch bark baskets box boxes art gifts iconographic arts handcrafts studio melnikovitch

Lidded birch bark baskets (Birch bark box).

birch bark box openBirch-bark box or Birch bark container made from Sibirian birch bark is a reliable storage case, and surely an original gift for any occasion. Silver birch bark boxes are made from birch bark and can serve as an antimicrobial box, because the birch bark has natural antiseptic properties. Artworks made from birch bark are giving warm spring sun like feelings. A gift from birch bark brings joy. Many products are stored for longer, if put in birch-bark containers. Bread for a long time is not covered by mold, if it is put in a birch-bark bread bin, birch bark inhibits the growth of bacteria if made from Sibirian silver birch, so bacteria can not multiply in those birch-bark containers. Manufacturing of birch bark boxes (Lidded birch bark baskets) is an old Russian traditional arts and crafts artisans, mainly done at Siberia. Birch bark boxes (common Russian souvenirs) are decorated using the technique of hot stamping, without any use of non-natural substances.

Birch bark basket White Birch box Russian souvenir
SKU: 012_001 US$ 6.90USD
(2 Variants and views.)
Birch bark basket
White Birch box
Russian souvenir
Birch bark souvenir Birch bark box
SKU: 012_002 US$ 6.90USD
(2 Variants and views.)
Birch bark souvenir
Birch bark box

Only US$ 7. 90, per item, if ordering 100 or more Birch bark boxes!

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