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Gift Package `Prince` contains our best known wooden nutcracker!

Gift parcel prince wooden nutcracker art gifts iconographic arts handcrafts studio

Gift parcel 'Prince' contains our precious wooden Nutcracker.

This amazing gift parcel (Gift Set) is held in red, and contains our wooden Nutcracker prince, which you may review at our Nutcracker page 002_001. This gift set is surely an welcomed gift for any wooden nutcracker figurines collector, and an unusual Christmas gift.

Gift set 'Prince' with wooden Nutcracker (002_001)'


Gift Package `Prince`, wooden nutcracker

Order ID: 840_500 Dim.: 11.8x5.9x3.9 inches; Price: US$ 99.25

Gift parcel prince wooden nutcracker art gifts iconographic arts handcrafts studio

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This is a view of our closed gift set box prince. Art and gi... Souvenir package prince with wooden nutcracker in green colo... Souvenir package prince closed green gift set view. Closed s... Gift set prince held in blue color, as gift wrap for our woo... Closed gift wrap box prince in blue color for our gift set b...

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