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Piggy bank as "Christmas tree" a New Year`s gift, embroidered in gold thread and beads.

Gift piggy bank christmas tree thread beads art gifts iconographic arts handcrafts

New Year's gift Piggy bank as "Christmas tree" is embroidered in gold thread and beads.

First Piggy bank variants appeared in China in the 17th century and took the form of an ordinary mug with a padlock. It was the capacity of donations. A man who not could open the look of the piggy bank where going around to collect donations at well defined places.

Later, these piggy banks appeared in Europe and in Russia, where an ordinary box was used for the collection of funds, covered with steel rods. For safety, it has been stored during the night near the head at the bed of the collector. In Europe, the first piggy bank in the form of bags where made ​​from cat pelts and fastened to a belt to always have it with you. First piggy banks in the form of pigs appeared in medieval England. At first it was just the usual mugs or pots made ​​of cheap clay, and then later in the form of pigs. Interesting fact - in the USSR piggy bank has been banned as being part of the petty bourgeoisie, but people still came up with vessel where it was possible to keep the money secretly. For example, some produced the illegal piggy as fungi type case.

Around the world piggy bank symoolizes wealth and prosperity. The famous phrase "Happy like a pig" - symoolizes the wishes of the old Germans to be rich.

New Year's gift Piggy bank as "Christmas tree" is embroidered in gold thread and beads, and has three advantages at the same time. Firstly, it is an entirely original handmade Christmas gift. Secondly, "Piggy bank Christmas tree" is such a beautiful piece of jewellery as a Christmas gift, embroidered in gold thread and beads, made in an unusual technique to decorate every corner of your home, and to create the best Christmas mood. And thirdly, of course, it fulfils the basic function of a piggy bank - save your money and will be a symbol of wealth in your home! New Year's gift "Piggy bank Christmas tree" embroidered in gold thread and beads - is a unique gift for you or your loved ones!

Description: Piggy " tree" made ​​of felt, lace, gold thread, bisera, and wood. You can change the color used for your order. Handmade textile art. If you wish to order this piggy Christmas trees without gift wrapping then the minimum order is 10 items. One item cost without packing USD 105$.

Piggy bank as `Christmas tree` gift.


Piggy bank as "Christmas tree", New Year`s

Order ID: 830_001 Dim.: 9.8x5.9 inches; Price: US$ 86.25

Gift piggy bank christmas tree thread beads art gifts iconographic arts handcrafts

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Original hand crafted christmas decoration piggy bank. Piggy... Piggy bank exclusive christmas & new year s gift made ​​of f...

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