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Wooden nutcracker doll of Hussar Dolomanov based on the ballet `The Nutcracker`

Wooden nutcracker hussar dolomanov russian christmas tree gift cracks nuts art iconographic

Wooden nutcracker Hussar Dolomanov a Russian Christmas tree gift.

Gifts under the Christmas tree can be arbitrary, are long-awaited, and will delight children which well deserve it. Kids like and love a Nutcracker, as it is connected to a well known Christmas tale. And the story of the Nutcracker presents the same bright and cheery feelings for children as their expectation of the Christmas and New year times. We remember from childhood our Christmas gifts we found under the illuminated Christmas tree, isn`t it so?

This wooden nutcracker Hussar Dolomanov toy is the personage of Hussar Dolomanov, embroidered with gold. Large open face, clear lightening eyes, bright smile of the teeth, it is a real miraculous wooden nutcracker Hussar Dolomanov made at our workshop for Russian Gifts in Sergiev-Posad. This nutcracker cracks nuts of up to 26 mm (thereabouts 1 inches) in diameter.

Wooden nutcracker Hussar Dolomanov as Russian Christmas tree gift.


Wooden Nutcracker, Hussar Dolomanov

Order ID: 002_004 Dim.: 12.6 inches; Price: US$ 70.90

Wooden nutcracker hussar dolomanov russian christmas tree gift cracks nuts art iconographic

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This `Nutcracker Hussar Dolomanov` cracks nuts of up to 26 mm (thereabouts 1 inches) in diameter.

Now there is no doubt that gifts for babies under the Christmas tree are remembered all our life time. One of the best Christmas gifts is for sure a wooden nutcracker doll, made in our Russian gift workshop. Everything will look like in a personage of the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". Under the big, green, furry tree will should be gifts for children and its parents. Among those Christmas gifts a real wooden nutcracker will be surely an unforgettable Christmas Day. Our Russian gift shop makes many wooden figures for Christmas and other celebration periods, please feel fee to check out our other Russian gift pages.

"The Nutcracker" dancing to Tchaikovsky`s music — is synonymous for Christmas winter and children`s holidays. Everywhere, even at the most unknown places on our earth, during Christmas times there are shows in December presenting its version of the ballet "The Nutcracker". For this extraordinary events our Russian gift workshop is preparing a large number of our copyright Nutcracker gifts to supply you in time with our best handmade wooden Nutcracker dolls painted by Russian art masters with all their hearts and love for children.


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