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The Nutcracker story: Clara (Marie) Stahlbaum and her Nutcracker

Clara stahlbaum wooden nutcracker personage marie hoffmann art gifts iconographic

Clara Stahlbaum, wooden Nutcracker story personage.

This nutcracker story personage reflects a German girl named Clara Stahlbaum, or sometimes also named as Clara Silverhaus.
In the Nutcracker story her first name is often different used, like Clara or Marie. (In Hoffmann`s original fairy tale, her name is Marie (or Maria), whilst Clara - or "Klärchen" — is the name of one of her toys, a little doll. Read below more about Clara Stahlbaum`s Nutcracker story written by E. T. A. Hoffmann.

This Nutcracker figurine made by Art Studio Melnikovitch, showing Clara Stahlbaum with her Nutcracker, is a excellent by hand created carving artwork. Clara Stahlbaum hold in her hand a little wooden Nutcracker and her painted dress looks real like as if she is wearing a real dress. A must to have figurine by Melnikovitch to complete any wooden Nutcracker collection!

Clara (Marie) Stahlbaum with Nutcracker from `The nutcracker story`


Clara (Marie) with Nutcracker, Nutcracker story personage

Order ID: 002_002 Dim.: 8.3 inches; Price: US$ 94.25

Clara stahlbaum wooden nutcracker personage marie hoffmann art gifts iconographic

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Unique wooden doll marie stahlbaum. Wooden toy marie stahlba... Marie stahlbaum and her nutcracker doll. Marie is holding in... Wooden doll marie stahlbaum with nutcracker toy. The nutcrac...

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Clara Stahlbaum`s Nutcracker story written by E. T. A. Hoffmann.

Clara Stahlbaum`s Nutcracker story is reproduced in movies and Christmas ballets. In brief, the Stahlbaum family is having a Christmas Eve party. The children`s mysterious godfather Drosselmeyer comes with Christmas presents for everyone, including Clara`s brother Fritz. Everyone received its gifts, only not Clara. Herr DrosseNulmeyer then produces three life-size dolls, who each take a turn to dance. Clara has still not had a present and starts to cry. Drosselmeyer then creates quickly a toy Nutcracker doll that looks like a soldier, and Clara loves her wooden nutcracker very much. Her brother Fritz is getting jealous, and breaks it. Clara is very unhappy. While everybody is sleeping, Drosselmeyer repairs the nutcracker toy.
At midnight Clara starts to dream. Afraid of mice she tried to escape, reached the unusual large grown Christmas tree, where now her Nutcracker doll is alive and with his crew the Nutcracker trying to defend Clara against the mice. Clara catch the Mouse King by his tail, and the Nutcracker stabs and kills the Mouse King. The Nutcracker transforms into a live person -- a Prince, being maybe the nephew of Drosselmeyer, who was magical transformed into a Nutcracker by the Mouse King. Clara and the Prince are passing on into the world of the Sugar Plum Fairy. The people of the Land of Sweets dance for Clara and the Prince different dances like the Dew Drop Fairy with Spanish dancers, Chinese dancers, Arabian dancers, Russian dancers, Mother Ginger and her Polichinelles, Reed Flutes, Mirlitons, Sugar Plum Fairy, and the Waltz of the Flowers. The dances named above are differing in ballet versions, and are not always performed in this order. These are the dances which are heard in Tchaikovsky`s orchestral Nutcracker suite.

In the morning Clara wakes up under the Christmas tree with her wooden Nutcracker toy in her arms and understands that all had all been a dream, and so ends Clara Stahlbaum's the Nutcracker story with an happy-end.


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